Where is the best place to put a greenhouse?
The best location for a greenhouse would be one that receives maximum sunlight (north – south direction) but protects it from the wind at the same time.
Is it necessary to have a concrete foundation?
When having a normal level ground, a concrete foundation is not required. It is sufficient to have a foundation which consists of an aluminium profile. You can eventually concrete the ground anchors to the ground three days after the greenhouse has been able to settle.

When not having a normal level ground, it is recommended to provide a concrete frost-free base to ensure the stability of your greenhouse.

Is it absolutely necessary to make sure that the greenhouse base is level?
On the long side of the greenhouse, the base may drop slightly to facilitate the water drainage.
Do you need any kind of building permit for a greenhouse?
In most cases you don’t need a permit. You can find all details and conditions on the website of the government.
What size of greenhouse do you need?

The decision, whether to take a large or small greenhouse, lies with you. We recommend you to make a plan detailing in which you state what you want do with your greenhouse. By doing so you get a clear picture that will help you to decide what size of greenhouse you need.

The glass panels do not fit into the profiles
Make sure first of all that all profiles are located at right angles and that they are level. Then loosen the nut of the screws a little. The glass panels should now fit.
The glass doesn’t fit into the roof window
You have to make sure that the side profiles are correctly installed. The lips of each side should face each other (see assembly plan).
The greenhouse door is not latching properly
This is because the lower end of the door frame is incorrectly installed. You will have to rotate 180° to lower the deep slot of the profile (see assembly plan).
How to maintain your greenhouse
It is recommended to clean your greenhouse properly twice a year. Do not use strong detergents . It is also recommended to lubricate all moving parts.

In case of an approaching storm, close all roof windows to make sure the wind won’t break or destroy them.

During winter, it is better to remove the cylinders of the automatic window openers and keep them somewhere at room temperature. This ensures that the cylinders won’t break because of the frost.