Why should you choose for an aluminium greenhouse?

It offers you a lifetime solution, that doesn’t require much maintenance. Also, aluminium can be easily lacquered in all possible RAL-colours of your own choice. Through its small profiles, the greenhouse gets maximum sunlight and warmth.

Why do we use 4 mm of float glass instead of standard gardener’s glass?
It is proven that float glass is 30% stronger than standard gardener’s glass to protect the roof or the windows of the greenhouse against a bouncing ball or a falling tree branch.

If you prefer to have a more tropical construction, 15 mm thermopane glass can also be used. In addition, there’s the possibility of obtaining tempered or laminated glass.

Why should you opt for a double drain pipe?
This will drain both condensation and water at the same time.
What are the advantages of polycarbonate panels?
In this way, the climate inside the greenhouse can be controlled and regulated more easily. Thanks to this kind of panels, the warmth also stays longer inside the little house. The panels are all UV-resistant and therefore filter the strong sun rays. Another important element is the fact that these panels are unbreakable and thus ensure greater safety when playing children are near the greenhouse.
Is it possible to build a greenhouse yourself? If yes, how much time does it take?

As Euro-Serre has a detailed assembly plan for every greenhouse, it is quite easy to build one yourself. If you have a helping hand, a greenhouse can be built in just a day.

What is the foundation made of?

The foundation consists of a self-supporting aluminium beam which is placed on a flat surface and attached by using L-profiles (L40/40). The profiles do not need to be embedded in concrete, because the foundation is stabilised by the weight of the glazing. Preparations are not required. Just make sure that the surface is flat, perpendicular and free of any obstacles.

Is it possible to obtain additional doors and/or roof windows?

The greenhouses of Euro-Serre nv are so designed that the door can be installed in any of the sides ,either in the width or in the length. Doors and roofs can also be installed according to your personal requirements.

How can you place an order?

There are several possibilities for placing an order: by letter, fax, mail, telephone or during a visit to Euro-Serre nv. As soon as your order is ready to send, our company will phone you a few days in advance to arrange a suitable delivery date.


How do you keep your greenhouse frost-free?
The answer will be given to you by using a clear example: The weather forecast predicts -2°C. However, the greenhouse must have a constant temperature of +3°C.




Formula A = surface x 10

B = glass surface x 6 x delta value (*)

A + B = required wattage


(*) delta value = the difference between the temperature we want to achieve and the actual temperature outside.


If you intend to use bubble wrap to isolate your greenhouse, in this case you may replace (number) 6 in part B of the formula with 3.