Tropical Greenhouses and conservatories

Are you a fan of tropical trees and plants, such as olive trees, orchids or cacti? We are too! Unfortunately, they do not handle cold winter weather so well. Why not give them some extra protection in one of our tropical greenhouses or conservatories? These have a higher insulation value than our standard hobby greenhouses or conservatories and offer your tropical plants a cosy environment to survive the winter in a good climate.

We produce our tropical models with polycarbonate plate roofs as standard. These sheets have layers with air between them, and that reduces the energy loss when you heat your tropical greenhouse or conservatory. This makes it easy for your tropical plants to undergo the coldest days and extends the growing season in your greenhouse or conservatory.

And our tropical greenhouses or conservatories offer pleasant and comfortable shelter when you have had enough of the foul weather. Discover our Tropic Veranda where you can enjoy a nice climate throughout the year, regardless of outdoor temperatures. What if you would rather not have polycarbonate? In that case, we will produce your tropical greenhouse or conservatory with double glazed walls. This creates a sheltered outdoor space with crystal clear views of your garden.