Our accessories allow you to give your greenhouse or conservatory top-quality finishing touches. From a roof vent for optimal ventilation or a fly-door to keep unwanted guests out, to shading screens that help prevent overheating, we offer it all in our broad range of accessories for greenhouses and conservatories.

Are you looking for an extra convenient place to store your garden tools neatly at hand? We can offer you useful shelves that you can easily install in your Euro-Serre greenhouse or conservatory. Or how about a seedbed for growing your vegetables, plants or herbs? You can even adjust its length and width to fit it perfectly against the wall of your Euro-Serre model.

We offer sturdy grape hooks to guide and support the plants, for enthusiasts who want to grow climbers, e.g. tomatoes or grape vines. You just pass a cord or wire through the hook and tighten the support wire. Or perhaps you want something different? Why not try some of these to the roof of your hobby greenhouse, e.g. for some hanging plants.